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Tips for successful betting on women’s hockey

Gambling is not a funny leisure time anymore, today it’s the complex business industry. Here everyone can try his or her hands to reach success. Of course, you may gamble on anything you wish, but sport is the best option. If you are a hockey fan, there can be nothing more appropriate for you than women’s one. Let’s puzzle out the common types of offers and the features to mention.

Types of women’s hockey bets

The bookmaking market is overloaded with offers. Despite you are inexperienced or experienced gamester, pay attention to the bets on:

  • the regulation time result;
    In women’s hockey, as in most sports, there is a standard line with 3 outcomes. At its odds, you can gamble on a draw or victory of one of the teams.
  • the total;
    The number of scored pucks in the game represent the total. As a rule, it’s always considered at the mark of 5.5 pucks or something like that. Mind that there is also an individual total (the number of pucks scored for the first or second team), where the odds usually vary around 3.0.
  • the handicap;
    Most often, the equal odds are given by bookmakers if any of the crews looks a potential winner. Huge handicaps (greater than 1.5) are usually rare. One puck is known to be enough to win, so staking on a potential winner with a hockey handicap of one and a half or more is quite risky.
  • the exact score;
    The score during the regulation time is taken into account. Indeed, it’s a quite difficult-to-predict stake in women’s hockey.
  • the double chance;
    It’s about gambling on 2 possible outcomes of the hockey match at the same time. Among the ordinary variants are:
    a) the victory of the first team or a draw;
    b) the victory of the second team or draw;
    c) the victory of the first team or victory of the second 2nd team.
  • the passing crew;
    This type of bet involves predicting the tournament fate of the teams, like who will be the winner and who will pass to the next stage of competition (the division, the playoffs, the group stage or the final match.).
  • the final stage of the meeting’s end;
    There are three possible outcomes here: regulation time, overtime and shootout.
  • the next goal.
    It’s a very interesting type of stakes, best suited for a live mode gambling.

What are the general particularities of betting on women’s hockey?

The most useful tips are to count on these aspects:

  • the specified time period and odds;
    Mind the rules of the bookmaker before making a bet on. The fact is that most of them take stakes on the regulation time of the hockey game, while the other bookmakers take into account overtime and sometimes even the shootout. The most correct ones, for sure, accept all variants, but you must redefine it in advance. Also the size of the odds can play a crucial role.
  • the shape of the opponents;
    Frequent matches and women’s hockey tournaments allow you to make a more accurate assessment of the shape of teams and observe objective statistics. Due to the format of the sport, it’s necessary to analyze only the most recent games and confrontations, without going into last year’s tournaments.
  • the frequent penalties;
    This is a particular theme here, due to which often one team plays on the power play and the other in the minority.
    live gambling opportunities.
    Such bets are the most profitable. They are considered the most predictable and passable.

Striking the balance: is there any key to winning in betting on women’s hockey?

Unfortunately, no. The only power you have is your knowledge. Ig the gamesters study constantly and keep an eye on the industry – he or she will surely have good luck. Therefore, examine, bet and win!