Brew City Blades

Brew City Travel teams

  • Higher commitment
  • Comprised of players of equal (or close to) skill levels.
  • Approx. 8-10 home games, 8-10 away games. The teams do travel. 
  • 10-15 practices 
  • Home games are Sundays late morning to mid afternoon
  • Away games are generally within a 2 hour drive. 
  • Start Late Sept and run thru March
  • Cost - approx $450 
  • Sub option is available on all teams
  • Contact us @ for the newcomer or those wishing to advance

Brew City Rec team (not being held for the 2019-20 season)

  • Lower commitment
  • Comprised of players of all skill levels
  • 8-10 game home season. The team does minimal traveling
  • No practices
  • The cost for this team is higher since they are playing primarily at home.
  • Need a Min of 10-13 full time skaters for team to be established
  • Games are Sundays mid afternoon with holidays off
  • Start Late Oct and run thru Feb
  • Cost - approx $200
  • Any person may sub on the rec team on an as needed basis