TRYOUT Information for 2017-18 season

Our 2017-18 tryouts have concluded. Team rosters are frozen. 2018-19 tryouts will be posted this summer!


2017-18 Season Tryout date at Eble Ice Arena


Saturday  Sept 9, 2017 12:45pm-1:45pm

All skaters and goalies new to the organization interested in full time.

All current players interested in playing for a different team than the one they were on last season need to attend.


  • Teams will generally remain the same as last season.
    • In place of doing tryouts for the entire organization, teams are as they were for the last season. The reason for this is to build on skill from season to season. 
  • There will be a tryout session for players new to the organization, and for players who are interested in playing for a different team than the one they are currently on. This may create come changes in teams.
  • Those players who feel their skills have improved enough to try out for a higher level team will be afforded the same opportunities to try out as players new to the organization.
  • Players will be added to teams as needed.
  • If teams are full (13-15 fulltime skaters) then the new recruit may choose to sub or play on a team that needs skaters until an opening is available or be added to our rec team.
  • Players coming in after the season has started will need to be evaluated at a team practice (to be determined by Metro board) evaluated and added to a team of their skill level as openings are available.
  • No player may be added to a roster without an evaluation, unless approved by Metro board.
  • All rosters are frozen as of Dec. 31 of each season. No players may be added after that date, with the exception of the rec team.
  • Each season this process will be reviewed and adjusted if needed.
  • Register here to tryout
  • We are looking for extra skaters at various levels to skate at tryouts. This is for any who may want extra ice time but are not trying out.
  • Interested in skating as an extra? Click here