Welcome to Metro Milwaukee
Women's Hockey, Inc!

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing enjoyable opportunities for women to play the sport of ice, to developing athletic skills, and sharing in a positive and fun team atmosphere. Metro Milwaukee Women's Hockey provides year round hockey activities for women over 18 years of age who want to learn and play the sport of ice hockey in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.


In the summer of 2007, Milwaukee’s first women’s house league was born and helped pave the way for fall and winter instructional clinics, skills camps, tournament teams and the formation of one Brew City Blades Team (B Level in the Women's Central Hockey League).


In 2008, opportunities have expanded with the second women's skills clinic, the Second Annual Summer League, and the success of our tournament and league teams. The Brew City Blades, Metro's B Level team in the WCHL placed first in their division.


In 2009, we added a D team to our Brew City Blades travel teams. It was a growing year for the D team with many new skaters. The summer games were a blast with many new friendships made. The B level Brew City Blades team added to their first place WCHL Championship with another First place Win. The C team placed first as well. Many fun times were had as the teams continue to develop.


In 2010 our programs continue to grow. Metro's Spring and Fall clinic are striving with more and more women finding their way back onto the ice. Another team was added to accommodate the growing number of skaters. This year grew to 3 teams in the red (A), grey (C1) and green (D) divisions in the WCHL. All 3 Brew City teams had great accomplishments and fun throughout the year. Our A team took first in their division for the 3rd year in a row. The grey team proved to be victorious as well in their division. The D team had many accomplishments and although they did not place in the playoffs, had much success throughout the season. Our Gold (exhibition) team was created as we bring in more skaters to fulfill the desire for women to skate.


In 2011 our travel teams have grown to 4 teams, red (A), grey (C1), blue (C2) and green (D) divisions in the WCHL. The A team competed at Nationals for the 3rd year. The Grey team was a high contender at playoffs falling a bit short. The blue team continues to grow and the green team proves to have many skating showing their hockey growth.


In 2012, we continue with our 4 travel teams, summer league, scrimmage group, off ice training and friendships.


In 2013, added a Rec team to our 4 travel teams and continue with our scrimmage group and summer league.


In 2014, we continue to thrive with our 4 travel team and our rec team.


In 2015, we have many new faces and a few that have ventured on keeping our 4 travel teams and rec teams going stong.


In 2016, our 4 travel teams, A, B, C, and D all made it to the WCHL playoffs. The A and C teams took home the Championship while the B and D team took 2nd place. Quite an accomplishment!


In 2017, Metro had a very successful Shooting clinic with record numbers sign up. Once again all 4 of our travel teams made it to the playoffs. Although they did onto take first place all played their hearts out! The A team placed at Nationals this year. Our teams continue to change and grow as players venture on and more come in.


Off the ice, we organize social outings like Brewers tailgates and Admirals games. Metro Milwaukee Women's Hockey is striving to have something for everyone. We incorporate beginners programs along with intermediate and high levels of competition.

So as you can see Metro Milwaukee Women's Hockey has something to offer you!

Check us out, you won't be disappointed!


Mission Statement

We are a 501C3 organization dedicated to providing enjoyable opportunities for women to play the sport of hockey, develop athletic skills, and share in a positive and fun team atmosphere. Our goals are to foster growth and development of hockey skills, both for individual players and as a team. We encourage a network of resources and friendships on and off the ice.

Our Board of Directors handles all the paperwork, makes sure all the bills are paid, and generally tries to keep things orderly. The current board members are listed under the contact us. If you have ANY questions about the organization, please email a Board member.